Thunder Pedal Experiment


A pedal to make your sound explode like thunder. For a brief moment, volume gets exponentially louder when button is pressed and held.


Try it out! Let me know in the comments down below or by email( through CONTACT page) what can be done to improve the pedal.

This is just an experiment using a digital prototype of the actual product to get feedback and opinions. The real analog circuit pedal product will be much better and manufactured if it is indicated that there is demand for it.




To use with microphone:

  1. Allow access to microphone.
  2. Click on Play Music
  3. Play guitar near microphone.
  4. Click on Thunder and move Drive slider. have fun.
  5. (Optional) Give feedback below.

To use with audio file:

  1. Deny access to microphone.
  2. Click on Browse File and select audio file.
  3. Click on Play Music
  4. Click on Thunder button and move Drive slider. Have fun.
  5. (Optional) Give feedback below.


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