Read Rope / Electronic Nerve

This is a small modular device that tells where a bend or several bends were made along an electronic rope.

It works by having a series chain of sections containing a resistive flex sensor and a resistor in parallel from power source to ground.

The resistor in parallel to the resistive flex sensor scales the increase in voltage at the output when the resistive flex sensor when bent. The scale is set to be dependent on the distance of a section from the output which makes the increase in voltage at output dependent on where a bend takes place.

Since the increase in voltage at output predictably depends on the location of a bend or several bends, the voltage at output can be used to determine where a bend or a combination of bends took place.


  • Control for disabled
  • Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality (e.g. track precise movement of finger bend, arm bend, leg bend)
  • Interactive control for video games
  • Interactive control for electronic musical instruments
  • Interactive control for training simulation