Door To Life


This is a free open-source 2D action/adventure game with a randomly generated world, 3D sound, and decent visuals!

The objective is to find the golden tile in the labyrinth.

However, there are obstacles such as bottomless holes and monsters to prevent you from reaching the goal!


Random Generation

The labyrinth is randomly generated and has a unique shape!

The video above shows how the generation of the labyrinth looks like visually.

This random generation makes it so that there no play-through is always the same.


There is one soundtrack playing and it is haunting.

Despite this being a 2D video game, one will hear sounds from an enemy in 3D when wearing headphones or playing the game in a multi-channel surround sound system!


This is a free game that is not very focused on visuals.

The video above shows gameplay. The main character no longer gets stuck in walls.

The art of the main character sprite and dungeon looks decent.

The game plays at a resolution of 640×480 pixels.


Stable Releases for Linux, Unix, Windows, Mac OS X

Door to Life Stable Releases


Latest Development

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