3D Spatial Audio Editor

Officially, the application name is 3D Audio Producer.


The program outputs sound in 3D for headphones and multi-channel surround sound systems.

3D Audio Producer is an application that allows people to load mono audio samples and spatialize the sound in 3D. The program includes editing the position of where the sound is produced relative to the listener.

This free application is basically an automated way to use OpenAL Soft through a GUI without having to know programming.


It is the answer to this question asked in the StackExchange Sound Design forum by user Eldritch.




3D Audio producer replaces the previous binaural audio editor project I made. A new project was made so that users can have a cross-platform-and-interactive visual interface with the use of the raylib library.



A feature is planned for the application in which a device can track the head of the listener to change the orientation of the virtual listener.

This feature gives an extended reality experience of being in the 3D audio editor’s world or the 3D audio editor being in your world!